Pre-K (ages 3-5)

Posted on April 8, 2018


Kids will play hand drums, shakers, woodblocks, maracas and even get to try drum set. They will get to work on playing as a group, individually (if they would like), try some call and response and learn some very basic rhythm reading. The main thing is that they have fun! This class is great for teaching the students about rhythm, how to follow directions/listening, working with others, and just enjoy music.


Pre-K  2019  Ages 3-5yrs old

6 weeks, 30 minute class, $100

Summer 6 week Session

The next Pre-K session starts the week of July 8th


Tues 1:15  with Mitch Dion

Thurs 1:15 with Mitch Dion



Thurs 3:30 with  Miranda Launsby


Beyond Pre-k

Are you feeling like it is time to take it to the next level?  It might be time to try semi-private lessons with a fellow pre-k buddy.

These lessons are great for the pre-k student who is ready for a little more.  Students will receive more time on the drumset and also more time with reading notes and learning hand technique.



  1. Open enrollment.
  2. Weekly time slot
  3. The teacher must feel like your son or daughter is ready for the semi- private lessons.
  4.  Price: $25 per student for the half hour lesson.  Students will be enrolled in our autopay system to keep it easy.  Limit to two students per group.