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FAQ & Policies

Posted on January 2, 2012

If you have questions about the studio or our policies, this post answers some common questions:


Do I need a drumset in order to take lessons?

No.  It would be a good idea for you or your child to take a few lessons before spending money on a drumset.  If you or your child is confident about continuing lessons, then a drumset should be purchased for the home.  ZFDS can help guide you when the time comes for you to buy a drumset.

Am I too old or is my child too young for lessons?

We start teaching students at age 3. The studio has students of all ages and levels, from adults to very young children. Don’t hesitate to sign up for one lesson and see how it goes. If it does not work out, there is no obligation after the first lesson. Our student population varies from adult business professionals looking to try out drumming for the first time, very young students playing an instrument for the first time, high school kids getting ready for college auditions and students from elementary through high school who just want to play for fun.

How long are the lessons?

ZFDS has weekly half hour and hour lessons.  Most students take weekly half hour lessons, but many adults and advanced students will take a weekly hour lesson.  The teachers can help you decide what would be best.

What do I need to bring to lessons?

You will need a notebook with lined paper; drumsticks or you can buy them at ZFDS and if you have taken lessons in the past, bring any material you have worked on.


What is the recommended practice time per week?

The amount of practice time depends on the age and level of the student. It is very tough for 3-6yr olds to go home and practice, the point of lessons at that age is exposure. The children are exposed to different concepts in the lessons that will keep them excited, no pressure; the majority of the learning takes place during the lessons, but playing at home is encouraged. Students in grades 4-12 are encouraged to have regular and consistent practice sessions at home. It is better to spread out the practice sessions throughout the week, rather than practicing for an hour or two once a week. Every student will have a notebook that the teacher will write assignments in for that week. Adult students will do the best they can and that is ok. Life is busy and drum lessons are meant to be a fun escape from everyday life, not an added stress.



The Musical Suite Inc.

The Musical Suite/Zach Field Drum Studios Policies



All students are required to enroll in our auto-bill program. This is a safe, secure and convenient way to pay ongoing fees while enrolled at the school. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  We will automatically bill your card on the 1st day of every month. For multiple students and/or lessons we will bill your card separately for each student/instructor with whom lessons are being taken.


Payments are based on a monthly basis due on the 1st of each month.   Monthly payment amounts will vary depending on how many lessons occur in each month.


The Musical Suite Inc reserves the right to suspend or discontinue instruction for any student who has not made payment by the 2nd lesson of the month. It is the student/parent’s responsibility to ensure that we have the correct credit card information on file.

Student Absences

There are no official makeup lessons offered for missed lessons. If you cannot attend your regularly scheduled lesson, you will be charged. If you call the office at least 24 hours in advance we will do our best to find another time that works that day or week. These times are offered based on teacher availability and are not guaranteed. The only exception is in the case of extended illness or injury.


Adult Flex

Adult students must put a card on file. Lessons will be charged weekly. If you cannot attend your regularly scheduled lesson you must give the office 24 hours’ notice. If no alternate lesson time can be found that week you will not be charged.


Teacher Absences

In the event of a teacher absence or studio closure, we will either have a substitute teacher or try our best to schedule a make-up lesson.  If a make-up lesson is not able to be arranged, the student’s account will be credited for the lesson.



We require notice by the 14th day of the month to discontinue lessons. If notice is not given by this time, the student/parent will be responsible for the next full month’s tuition.


Summer Schedule

For your convenience, a flex schedule is offered to all students in the summer.  You will be billed at the beginning of the summer session for the entire summer session. If you know you are going to be away a certain week, you can let us know now and there is no charge for that week. If you need to miss a scheduled lesson during the summer, give us a week’s notice and we will be more than happy to reschedule the lesson for you.


Holidays, Vacations and Snow

Please see the Musical Suite Inc calendar for details on holidays and vacations. The studio is closed on federal holidays and Newburyport school vacations. In case of inclement weather, all morning classes will be cancelled if the Newburyport schools are closed. Please call the studio to hear the message with information regarding the status of afternoon and evening classes or check the website.